I have certain people I envy and wants to be like. I have role models.
I have coaches both far and near ones.
I have friends who are successful and I really wish to be like them.
I love some professions so well that if I have a magic wand, I won’t think twice before I jump at it.
I love some kind of personality, making them my friends won’t be a bad idea.
I envy successful marriages even while I’m still single.

The truth about my realities is that, I love good things, did I just hear you say, everybody does too. Yes, maybe but in all of these things, It is good to like them and it is very possible to be have them and attain success to the point they did, even better than them.

But the question is, I’m I willingly to give it my all? Do I understand it wasn’t so smooth like I thought?

Success stories is so sweet to hear, it liberate the soul. And it gives you joy to know that you don’t have to go through what most successful people went through, at least you should learn from them.

But the truth is that, regardless of what you learn from people’s stories. Your own challenges are there and they are waiting for you to come and overcome them.

There’s no shortcut to success. You will have to fight a particular battle.

Those challenges will be the reason people will want to listen to you afterwards. If you don’t have them, then you’ve no stories that can inspired us and then we won’t believe your success.

Challenges comes in different ways. Some people have what you think it is the only reason you are yet to attain success (money, skills, connection and so on) and still they are complaining that they have nothing, just because they lack ideas while you are full of ideas.

Our battles are different, our challenges are personal to us. And that is why we are unique.

Are you not amazed about how God works? He gave us different stories which make up our unique identity.

No one will face or fight your battles for you, they can only support you and that is only when you are bold enough to take the first step.

Do you want to tell a story?
Do you want to inspire people?
Do you want to attain the highest level of success?

Then embrace the challenges. Every other things hides inside of it.

Go for the prize after winning the battles.

Do it intentionally! You will win.