I am Toyin Yayu. I help women to attain the right mindset and help them to overcome the challenges that has to do with their emotions.

Having battled with negative mindsets and low self esteem while growing up, I never believed anything could work for me. I struggled with timidity and never understood what it takes to be of value. I was always being selfish with my decisions and thinking, because of my poor emotional state.

I believe being emotional stable has a lot to do with understanding self and understanding others. Understanding yourself and others helps you to derive true happiness and leave you with no worries.

It is my joy to help people get better and overcome every form of low self esteem and negative mindset, so they can live the kind of live they deserve and also have a better relationship with others.

How it all started….

My journey of self discovery began after so much disappointment, failures, betrayals and bad relationships due to my poor mindset and low self esteem. My low self-esteem caused me lots of sadness and put my life on hold for a very long time.

I finally decided to take responsibilities for all that happened in my life and redefine what true happiness means to me. As much as I love to say that I am still a work in progress, I have gotten a lot better than where I began. And I will be willing to help you define success through your lifestyle, mindset and have the right emotional state.


Respect Yourself

I love to be respected, in fact I grew up demanding respect from everyone I am older than, countless times I would scold my junior ones for any act of disrespect. At a point in my life I started keeping to myself, no friends, no acquaintance, not even an enemy, just...


A friend once shared with me recently how she has a friend that usually have 3-4 bottles of Coca-Cola drink in her bag at all time. She said, you can't ever see her without bottles of coke and sometimes she take like 6 bottles in a day. At hearing that, the first...


Few years ago, just before my tertiary education, I applied for a job in an ICT firm as an office assistant, I can't even switch on a system as at then. I applied for the job not because of the post, but because I wanted to have an idea about computers. As an office...

Beware of Generals without scars

I have certain people I envy and wants to be like. I have role models. I have coaches both far and near ones. I have friends who are successful and I really wish to be like them. I love some professions so well that if I have a magic wand, I won't think twice before I...

Seek Peace Before Marriage

Have you ever thought of getting married without having your own personal peace, joy and attaining a level of success? Well... At a point in my life, I was really confused, no purpose, no passion, no happiness, no peace,  nothing seems to be working. One thing was...

Being Spiritual

Being spiritual is not an excuse for mediocrity. Practice excellence. Being spiritual does not automatically turn you to a judge, stop prejudice. Being spiritual does not mean you can't mingle with your friends anymore, how about influencing them? Being spiritual...


It's crazy how I almost believed as a child that every negative thing that happened to me was as a result of the devil or the enemy. This is largely because I have listened to people's prayers and beliefs over the years. Most of these prayers were either the enemy...