Few years ago, just before my tertiary education, I applied for a job in an ICT firm as an office assistant, I can’t even switch on a system as at then. I applied for the job not because of the post, but because I wanted to have an idea about computers.

As an office assistant, my job was just to go on errand and assist people in the office, but I was desperate for more, I tried as much as possible to learn at every opportunity.

But then, there was this particular guy that won’t teach me anything no matter what, he hides almost all the things he do, even when I have challenges in doing something and I go to him to for help, he would rather tell you to go bring your system and fix the thing for you, without allowing you to see it.

I was bitter, but I continue to try harder and harder. After some months, with so much effort, I started writing programming languages and now it was my turn.

I started doing the same thing, I started hiding things too, if you ask me question, from my tone of answering, you will definitely know I am not ready to give you an accurate answer.

After I leave the organization I met people who change my life by giving it all, they share almost all the things they know with me, it was another world for me entirely.

Sometimes, don’t be quick to judge people, our experiences has a lot to do with the way we act. If people know better they will act better.

Don’t get insecure that you can’t share your knowledge with people around you, when you share your knowledge you bless people and also be a blessing to yourself.

Many people do this because they are scared of losing their job or their worth, the truth is, if you are relevant and valuable, you will become indispensable. And even if you lose your job in the process, God has a way of rewarding our labour of love.

You might not reap where you sow, but you will definitely reap what you sow.

You’ve got to do things intentionally, you will definitely meet people that are not deserving, but that is not your business. The rain that falls on the just also falls on the unjust.

I remain your one and only Miss Intentional.