A friend once shared with me recently how she has a friend that usually have 3-4 bottles of Coca-Cola drink in her bag at all time. She said, you can’t ever see her without bottles of coke and sometimes she take like 6 bottles in a day.

At hearing that, the first thing I said was, ” Did she want to kill herself.” I’m sure you would say the same thing especially when you are someone who is conscious of sugar intake.

But I almost crucified myself afterward, when she explained to me that she is a low sugar diabetic patient and because she usually feel weak and dizzy, she was advised by a medical expert to always have sugary drinks with her always.

Oh my God! How could I have know? I have never heard about such thing before.

She explained how the lady has been stigmatized just because of that single act by many people.

I must tell you, I was not happy throughout that day and I learnt a lesson on that day.

Most of the times because we have it all going our ways, does not give us the right to judge people without walking in their shoes.

We accused and judge people wrongly sometimes without having full details why some people are actually acting in some manners.

The things you experienced and was able to come out of it and still have your life back in good shape, some people are still battling with it and yet to find a way out.

It is easy to accuse a lady selling her body on the street and it is easy to say to yourself, nothing can make you sell your body for money, Yes I understand. But it is not easy for some people to do what you did.

Being able to own your own decisions sometimes can be a blessing . Some people don’t have that.

Being able to think very well before you take any step can also be a blessing.

Having the right people to tell you, all will be well, when faced with challenges is also a blessing, the best advise some people got at that point was “Use what you have to get what you want and the likes.”

Life happens to us in different ways. And sometimes our background, family, friends and people around us determines how will respond back to life.

No matter how bad people are presently, responding back to them in a bad way is never a way to go. Who can tell?

I remember vividly the woman at the well that Jesus spoke to, we all have an idea of her story, it was recorded that she went about sharing the gospel and many people met Jesus through her.

Do you remember this statement “Can anything good come out of Jerusalem?” I’m sure you did not forget, It was the same Jerusalem that the Prince of Peace was born.

People might easily forget what you do but they will never forget how you make them feel.

Sometimes instead of judging and condemning people if you can’t talk to them or help them, is to keep mute and pray for them silently.

Before you judge, make sure you know.
Before you act, make sure you think.

Be intentional. Living life intentionally is paramount.